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Land Reform

08 March, 2017


26 January, 2017

News Headlines

Press Releases

Land Reform

08 March 2017
Grain SA took notice of the latest developments and statements by politicians regarding land reform. “The frustration comes from both sides”, said Jaco Minnaar, Chairperson of Grain SA, “on the one hand, are those who want land and want to farm. On
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26 January 2017
Grain SA noted media reports that permits for US GMO maize imports were issued. Grain SA remains of the position that the imports do not promote local producers' competitiveness if the same GMO events are not available to local producers as well. Such
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20 January 2017
The Management Committee of the Executive of Grain SA met yesterday in Pretoria to discuss, amongst other things, the current production conditions. There is gratefulness amongst farmers for the major turnaround in the general conditions following the sev
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01 December 2016
Grain SA took notice of the approval by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) of “commodity clearance” of some GMO events in maize that are currently not available to South African farmers. Grain SA also took notice that USA mai
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Grain SA Wins Wheat Tariff Court Case

18 August 2016
The Court ruled in favour of Grain SA in Pretoria today in an urgent application urging the Government to publish the new wheat import tariff. The new tariff of R1 591.40 per ton triggered on 24 May 2016 and Government dragged their feet in the publishing
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NAMPO Harvest Day 2016 trumps several records

25 May 2016
Grain SA's 50th NAMPO Harvest Day shattered more than one record amidst tough agricultural conditions. The four-day trade show that was held near Bothaville last week, was attended by a record of 75 116 people while a total of 685 exhibitors participated
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50th NAMPO Harvest Day in full swing

18 May 2016
Grain SA is impressed with the positive attendance figure recorded during the first two days of the 50th NAMPO Harvest Day, held near Bothaville. The rain received by the grain producing areas of the country last week, has properly dusted off the terrain.
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NAMPO still going strong after five decades

25 April 2016
Over the past half-century Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day has grown from small beginnings in 1967 to the diversified agricultural trade exhibition of world standing it is today. It is celebrating its 50th anniversary at NAMPO Park close to Bothaville from
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Bread price should not increase following an increase in wheat tariff

11 April 2016
Grain SA said today that the price of bread should have decreased since December 2015 following the lower international prices of wheat.
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Grain SA: Preliminary Maize Production Forecast - it's early days!

28 January 2016
Grain SA expressed their surprise about the size of the preliminary production forecast that was published by the National Crop Estimates Committee (NCEC) on 27 January 2016. The estimate came out at 7.438 million tons, whilst the market was expecting a c
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