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Grow for Gold Winners Announced

15 Oct 2020

Grain SA today hosted the first Grow for Gold National Yield Competition in Muldersdrift, celebrating 46 producers across 16 categories for outstanding yields achieved with maize, soybean and sunflower crops across South Africa, from commercial to small-scale farmers.

Following extensive consultation with all seed companies, a standard protocol was establish during 2019 ensuring the assessment of all participating producers on the same level and criteria. With the support of event sponsor Pioneer, supported by Corteva, this prestigious event created synergy between individual seed companies’ regional yield competitions setting the bar high for future seasons.

Grain producers competed in various categories, including dry and irrigated land both regionally and nationally. In order to achieve the highest yields per hectare, regardless of the cultivar planted, innovative production practices and smart farming plans were vital to their success.

The winners in the Grow for Gold Maize categories were as follow:

KwaZulu-Natal Region
Tyson Zunckel from Bergville planting Pioneer P1197 with a yield of 13.80 ton/ha

Eastern Highveld Region
Johann Pistorius from Standerton planting Pannar PAN 3A-124 with a yield of 15.26 ton/ha

Eastern-Free State Region
Jaco Breytenbach from Fouriesburg planting Bayer DKC 72-74R with a competition record yield of 13.63 ton/ha

Central Region
Danie Bester from Balfour planting Bayer DKC74-26R with a competition record yield of 14.11 ton/ha

North West Region
Danie Le Roux from Schweizer Reneke planting Bayer DKC 75-65 BR with a competition record yield of 13.79 ton/ha

Water Table Region
Hennie Roos from Hoopstad planting Bayer DKC 75-65 BR with a competition record yield of 13.13 ton/ha

Christo Cronje from Vrede planting Bayer DKC 64-54BR with a competition record yield of 23.47 ton/ha

The winners in the Grow for Gold Soybean categories were as follow:

KwaZulu-Natal Region
Clinton Frey from Winterton planting Pioneer P64T39R with a competition record yield of 5.12 ton/ha

Eastern Highveld Region
Gareth Allen from Middelburg planting Pioneer P48T48R with a yield of 3.60 ton/ha

Eastern-Free State Region
Josef van Eeden from Bethlehem planting Pioneer P64T39R with a yield of 3.65 ton/ha

Central Region
Japie Breedt from Bapsfontein planting Agriseed RA 560 RR with a competition record yield of 5.29 ton/ha

North West Region
Wayne Preece from Coligny planting Pioneer P71T74R with a yield of 4.65 ton/ha

Water Table Region
Willier Dreyer & IG Venter from Viljoenskroon planting Pannar PAN 1644R with a yield of 5.28 ton/ha

Tommie Scholtz from Bergville planting Pioneer P64T39R with a yield of 23.47 ton/ha

The winner of the Grow for Gold Sunflower category were as follows:

Johan Meyer from Hartbeesfontein planting Agricol AGSUN 8251 with a competition record yield 4.44 ton/ha

The winner of the Grow for Gold Small-Scale category were as follows:

Gardner Khulekani Khumalo from New Castle planting Bayer DKC 68-58 BR with a yield of 8.01 ton/ha

Jannie de Villiers, Grain SA CEO thanked seed companies for their participation, engaging, encouraging and assisting their farmers. “This competition provide us with the actual potential growth that is evident in the yields these outstanding producers were able to achieve. These yields are vital in order to meet global food production targets by 2050 with an ever increasing population” de Villiers said.

Thanking South African producers for their dedication and for achieving good yields with what they have, Dirk Strydom, Manager for Grain Economy and Marketing at Grain SA, emphasised that South African producers, despite not having as good rains and soils compared to the rest of the world are still achieving world-class yields. He further congratulated and paid tribute to South African small-scale farmers who, with limited resources still produce outstanding good yields.

Grain SA aim to utilise the Grow for Gold platform to give producers the opportunity for continuous learning and improvement in order to establish what can be achieved. More importantly this platform provide SA’s top producers with the opportunity to share their success stories, to teach others in order to duplicate these outstanding yields across South Africa where possible. “The economy of grain production and optimal level of profitability still remain one of the most important factors for the organisation, and this platform will delve somewhat deeper into statistics concerning the record-yielding crops to further promote the efficiency and sustainability of grain producers” Strydom concluded.


Download a copy of the Finalist Fact Sheet below​​​​


Issued by: 
Alzena Gomes, Grain SA Communication
086 004 7246 | alzena@grainsa.co.za

Further enquiries:
Dirk Strydom, Manager: Grain Economy & Marketing, Grain SA
086 004 7246 | dirks@grainsa.co.za