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Harvest Day 2013 - home of technology and discussion

15 May 2013

Grain SA’s showcase for agriculture, the NAMPO Harvest Day, kicked off near Bothaville yesterday. With the first successful day behind them, the organisers and more than 600 exhibitors are ready for the next three days. This internationally renowned trade show lasts until Friday, 17 May.

‘A producer who wants to ensure that his farming venture remains relevant, must be up to date on technology and innovation. Where else would a farmer get the opportunity today to have access to a kaleidoscope of input providers and off-takers in one place – particularly at a time when mechanisation in agriculture is constantly increasing? Grain SA puts the range of exhibitors together with great care to ensure that a visit to the Harvest Day provides a good return on the time that you spend here,’ said Cobus van Coller, Harvest Day Chairperson, today.

Our challenge to the exhibitors this year is to focus on technology and innovation in agriculture. The variety of products on offer includes: general input resources, financial affairs and marketing, seed, implements, vehicles and accessories, fertilisers, pest and weed control, water and energy, livestock and lifestyle.

Cobus encouraged members of the public who have not yet experienced this prime gathering for people in agriculture themselves to visit the NAMPO Harvest Day: ‘Bring your family and come and experience something for everyone in the world of agriculture in a safe, peaceful atmosphere.’

A unique feature this year is several discussion events to be held over the four days. A discussion forum focusing on the future, to be presented by Grain SA and other role players, will, for example, address various focal points in agriculture with the aid of a panel of experts.

Jannie de Villiers, executive general manager of Grain SA, said that he was very excited about the fact that Grain SA’s partners use the Harvest Day to discuss and address topical issues relating to agriculture in general. ‘I like this investment by role players in the industry. These innovative initiatives add value for grain producers. This makes the Harvest Day much more than just an efficient trade show,’ said Jannie.

The daily programme and more details are available on the website at www.nampo.co.za, or you can tune in to Grain SA Radio at 99.2 FM close to NAMPO Park.

Tickets can be bought beforehand at Engen service stations, at Senwes Village stores, or at NAMPO Park itself. Gates open at 07:00 and close at 17:00.