Nampo Park Facilities

Conference Facilities

Fanie Ferreira

This hall can host anything from fashion parades, weddings, church services, concerts and conferences.

In classroomstyle it can host up to 700 people whilst 1500 people can be seated in cinemastyle.
The Fanie Ferreira is equipped with:

  • Airconditioning
  • A sound system
  • Screens for overhead and dataprojectors
  • Carpets and curtains (optional)
  • A built in stage
  • Podium
  • Fully equiped kitchen
  • Bar facilities
  • Toilets

For enquiries please call Annemarie de Beer on 056 515 2145 or by e-mail at

Club 200

Well known for the steaks that is served here during the NAMPO Harvest Day. This facility can also be used for conferences while it doubles as a dining room. The newly build veranda offers a wonderful alternative during hot summer evenings.

In classroom style it houses up to 50 people and a 150 in cinemastyle.
Club 200 is equipped with:

  • Airconditioning
  • Bar facilities
  • Kitchen
  • Screens for overhead and dataprojectors can be provided
  • Sound system can be provided
  • Podium can be provided
  • Toilets

For enquiries please call Annemarie de Beer on 056 515 2145 or by e-mail at

Media Centre

This hall is idealy suited for smaller groups. This centre consist of 2 parts, a conference part and another were coffee, tea and meals can be served or an exhibition can be errected. Groups of up to 20 people can be accommodated in this centre.

The Mediacentre is equipped with:

  • Airconditioning
  • Screens for overhead and dataprojectors can be provided
  • Whiteboard
  • Telephone facilities
  • Sound system can be provided
  • Toilets

For enquiries please call Annemarie de Beer on 056 515 2145 or by e-mail at

Nampo Auditorium

The most luxurious conference facility on NAMPO Park. A sound proof theatre style auditorium with airconditioning that can accommodate up to 40 people.
The following is available:

  • Screens for projectors
  • Airconditioning
  • Separate area for tea and coffee, exhitions or registration of delegates
  • Toilets

For enquiries please call Annemarie de Beer on 056 515 2145 or by e-mail at 

Sampi Hall

A very versatile hall that play host to the women’s programme during the NAMPO Harvest Day. Equipped with its own sound system and aircon it is the ideal alternative for groups of less than 200.
Also available is:

  • Whiteboard
  • Screens for projectors
  • Kitchen
  • Smaller rooms for demonstrations, tea and coffee, exhibitions or registration of guests
  • Toilets

For enquiries please call Annemarie de Beer on 056 515 2145 or by e-mail at


VIP Ontvangs

During the NAMPO Harvest Day this serves as an area where the VIP guests to the NAMPO Harvest Day are received and treated. During the year it also serves as a conference hall for groups of 20 delegates or less.
Equipped with the following:

  • Screens for projectors can be provided
  • Toilets
  • Kitchenette for refreshments
  • Private parking

For enquiries please call Annemarie de Beer on 056 515 2145 or by e-mail at

Other Facilities


Grain SA offers a one stop service regarding the catering as well. Almost any kind of meal can be served, from “potjiekos” to “spitbraai” or any meal of your choice. Bar facilities are available should you be interested.


The guesthouse was originally built to accommodate workers during the NAMPO Harvest Day, but now has become increasingly more popular throughout the year when weddings, conferences and training sessions are held on NAMPO Park.

NAMPO Guest rooms

Clean, practical accommodation on NAMPO Park, you wil find this ideal for meetings, weddings and other functions., It is situated next to the 4 x 4 track on NAMPO Park, within walking distance from all the conference facilities. The guest rooms have a very quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

Up to 36 people can be accommodated and also has the following on offer:

  • 2 or 3 bed rooms
  • Each room is equipped with its own shower, toilet and wash basin
  • A kitchen were light meals can be prepared
  • A braai area
  • A small room were meals or small meetings can be held

NAMPO Caravan park

A popular facility, especially during the NAMPO Harvest Day. During the year it is an ideal spot for camping, overnight accommodation during weddings and gatherings of caravan clubs.

It also offers:

  • Ablution facilities
  • Three “rondawels” with 2 single beds each
Auction hall

An arena style complex that can house up to 500 people. It is an excellent choice for auctions, fashion parades, product launches, church services and much more.

Safe environment

NAMPO Park offers, together with all of the above, a safe and friendly environment with loads of safe parking. Some halls do have alarm systems if you need to store equipment.

4 x 4 track

Are you the adventurous type? Then NAMPO Park’s 4 x 4 track may offer a challenge. Very popular during the annual NAMPO Harvest Day with the daily 4 x 4 demontrations, this track is often used during the year for farmer days and other venues.
For the past few years NAMPO Park and other stakeholders played host to various rallies in the area. Routes ranging from 60 – 400 km are available and is hosted with the help of farmers in the district.

NAMPO Park Landing Strip
  • Landing strip - ±600m North of Harvest Day terrain
  • Coördinates - S 27° 13' 36" E 026° 41' 00"
  • Length - 1 200m
  • Direction - 10/28
  • Width - 20m + 20m open on both sides
  • Alleviation - ±4 500 ft msl
  • Ground/ Grass
  • Non- registered; Use at own risk
  • Frequency - 120,2 MHz Call sign: NAMPO tower
  • Note high voltage powerlines on final approach on 10


For more information, please contact: Annamarie de Beer at 056 516 2151 or email