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50th NAMPO Harvest Day in full swing

18 May 2016

Grain SA is impressed with the positive attendance figure recorded during the first two days of the 50th NAMPO Harvest Day, held near Bothaville. The rain received by the grain producing areas of the country last week, has properly dusted off the terrain. This has been followed by ideal harvest day weather and pleasant temperatures experienced at present.

The first day’s attendance figure has exceeded that of the previous year, whilst the second day has been particularly busy so far. Although Grain SA was unsure of the effect of the past season’s drought on the Harvest Day, at this stage it does not seem as if the attendance will be impacted substantially compared to previous years.

“Rain received by the grain producing areas recently, has had a positive effect on producers’ state of mind. Though it did not rain money or grain, it has instilled hope,” Jannie de Villiers, CEO of Grain SA said.

He also added that although grain producers haven’t finished harvesting yet, they are planning the next crop at full speed. The positivity amongst producers is noticeable and heartening.

Grain SA receives a big number of important guests during the NAMPO Harvest Day. “Various novice guests were amazed by the extent and size of the agricultural sector and that of the Harvest Day. The level of technology on display was yet another eye opener for them.”

The Harvest Day continues until Friday, 20 May. Tickets are available online on TicketPro’s website at www.ticketpros.co.za or visit www.nampo.ticketpro.co.za to directly access the NAMPO page.
Tickets are also on sale at the entrance gates.

More information and the day programme is available online at www.nampo.co.za, www.grainsa.co.za or on nampo.mobi


Issued by:
Grain SA Communications
18 May 2016

Further enquiries:
Jannie de Villiers, CEO, Grain SA
086 004 7246 | pretoria@grainsa.co.za