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Grain SA condemns all actions impacting SA's food security

31 Jan 2020

Grain SA is a grain famers organization looking after the interest of farmers and cooperating to promote food security in South Africa. Our members and those that they employ to produce food for our nation, face many challenges on a daily basis to live out their passion for farming and producing food and feed. A very basic need for this special group of people in our country, is their right to be safe whilst producing food. As a nation we are very concerned about energy (ESKOM) security and water security and spent millions of rands and human capital to ensure a constant provision of it to our people. The effectiveness in doing so is always under discussion when the supply thereof is interrupted in any way. Most of the time it can be restored, albeit with some consequences.

Grain SA recognises that the lives of all people are valuable and are pleading not to be singled out, but would nonetheless like to call on those that are responsible to look after the safety of all our citizens, to consider the implications if the effectiveness thereof, begin to impact SA’s food security. The continued attacks and armed robberies on farms and those producing food are influencing the farming community negatively as well as the continuation of performing this crucial service in society.

Grain SA condemns all these types of behaviour and our hearts and prayers go to all those affected, and especially in this past week to the Mathews families, leaders in agriculture and society contributing to a better South Africa.

We would like to add our voice to all those that call on our security services to do their utmost best to protect all citizens in this country.


Issued by:
Grain SA Communications

Further enquiries
Jannie de Villiers, CEO, Grain SA
086 004 7246 | jannie@grainsa.co.za