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Annual Report

Annual Report | Challenging year for grain production

Conditions were already challenging when the 2015/2016 production season started. 2015 was a particularly dry and hot year and was recorded as one of the hottest years in a global context. The soil moisture was already exhausted to a great extent in large parts of the summer sowing areas and at the start of the planting season rain was essential to get seed in the ground. However, the weather did not play along. The market experienced considerable panic because the plantings could not be done in time. In most areas the plantings took place much later than usual because of the rain that only started falling later in the season. The late plantings were seen as very risky, because there were fears that if the winter cold were to come early, production would be negatively affected. The entire season was late – including the cold – and yield ultimately looked better than was initially expected.

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