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SA Graan/Grain now available as an eBook

15 Oct 2013

SA Graan/Grain is moving with the times and you don't have to wait until the magazine reaches you by snail mail anymore. SA Graan/Grain is now available as an eBook and you can download it from https://www.grainsa.co.za/sagrain/october2013/. In 2012 the editorial team of SA Graan/Grain did some research amongst our readers and although it was evident that the need for an electronic format of this magazine existed, it further became clear that the feeling of the magazine should remain intact. For that reason, the format is an electronic pager with precisely the same contents as the more traditional printed format. You can therefore now access all the latest agricultural research, articles and news about the Grain world from your smart phone, tablet, laptop and home computer - free of charge. Please log into the first edition of the SA Graan/Grain eBook at https://www.grainsa.co.za/sagrain/october2013/. Please note that this link is only valid for the October issue. In future use the link http://www.grainsa.co.za.sagrain/ and then the month and year after the slash.

Please let us know what you think of the SA Graan/Grain eBook and email your comments to Susan Engelbrecht at susan.engelbrecht@grainsa.co.za.