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26 Sep 2019

Grain SA today launched a National Yield Competition which will kick off in 2020. The competition, now in its planning phase, involves consultation with all seed companies for the establishment of a standard protocol, thus ensuring that all participating seed companies and grain producers are assessed at the same level and on the same criteria.

To realise the successful presentation of a National Yield Competition, the support of agricultural partners is paramount and Grain SA is proud to announce that Pioneer, supported by Corteva, will be the main sponsor of the prestigious event.

The structure of Grain SA's National Yield Competition is formulated to create synergy between individual seed companies' regional competitions with an overarching national competition. Each seed company will continue to present their regional yield competitions, from which winners can enter into the national competition hosted under the Grain SA flag.

"Yield is an important component of a grain producer's profitability together with efficiency, and therefore it is important for producers to learn what can be done and under which circumstances," said Dr Dirk Strydom, manager: Grain Economics & Marketing of Grain SA said at the launch.

The importance of competitions like these cannot be underestimated as it offers producers the opportunity to learn more and learn from fellow producers. Furthermore, the competition provides a platform for grain producers to test new technologies, production practices and ideas with a view to maximising yields.

Similar competitions are already taking place locally and internationally, but Grain SA, with the partnerships of all seed companies, offers producers the opportunity to compare all cultivars, technically brushed over the same comb, within unique and individual production practices.

Grain producers will be able to compete in various categories including dry- and irrigation land. Producers will be further classed into both regions and national participation, and innovative production practices and smart farming plans will be encouraged to achieve the highest yields per hectare, regardless of the cultivar planted.

“Grain SA is committed to promoting the efficiency and sustainability of grain producers. In an environment with unpredictable production conditions and markets, innovative practices to deliver higher yields for producers can be invaluable. And what better opportunity for producers than to learn from their peers,” concluded Jannie de Villiers, CEO of Grain SA.


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Grain SA Communications

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Dirk Strydom, Manager: Grain Economy & Marketing, Grain SA
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