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29 Sep 2023

August 29, 2023, NAMPO Park, South Africa – The eagerly awaited NAMPO ALFA 2023 is on the horizon and taking place from 12-14 October 2023 on NAMPO Park, just outside Bothaville. Last year's amalgamation of champion animals, visionary vehicles, outdoor gear, and firearms drew multitudes to NAMPO Park, underscoring the enduring allure of the reimagined ALFA Expo.

In 2022, NAMPO ALFA achieved a remarkable feat by uniting enthusiasts from the livestock, hunting, and outdoor industries, onto a single groundbreaking platform. This exclusive gathering provided attendees an extraordinary chance to engage with the epitome of offerings spanning these diverse industries.

The South African livestock and game sector stands as an indispensable pillar of the local economy, showcasing its ability through exceptional growth. ALFA has become the best livestock expo in the country in just four years. Fuelled by this accomplishment, the logical trajectory is to extend the horizons of the event even further.

NAMPO Park has a great history of hosting successful events, so it's the perfect place for NAMPO ALFA to do well. Also, a palpable demand for a pragmatic hunting and outdoor expo has emerged. The seamless integration of livestock, outdoor activities, and hunting within the fabric of the South African agricultural community underpins a synergy that is nothing short of a successful formula.

The Expo offers various possibilities, spotlighting practical demonstrations featuring 4x4 vehicles, offroad caravans, camping essentials, and cutting-edge hunting and fishing paraphernalia. Furthermore, an exclusive shooting range beckons attendees to try out an array of equipment for themselves.

ALFA exceeds the boundaries of a conventional expo, consistently delivering unique platforms for stakeholders within the livestock industry to establish valuable business networks. This extends not only to local players but also to stakeholders across the African continent. The 2023 edition continues this tradition, featuring a bustling livestock programme tailored for the young and old alike.

At the same time, there is a big need for a hunting, outdoor and fishing expo that is hands-on! Livestock, outdoor hobbies, hunting and fishing all go together very well in South Africa, and that’s what makes this event special. NAMPO Park's strong infrastructure including ample parking, kiosks, livestock facilities, and more is once again ready to host the 2023 NAMPO ALFA and facilitate growth opportunities.

For enthusiasts and prospective firearm owners, the shooting range at NAMPO Park is a haven. Weapons of varying calibres can be experienced at various distances, accompanied by stringent safety protocols and provided protective gear.

The livestock component of NAMPO ALFA focuses on the scientific advancements and unwavering support for objective measurement and best practices in the livestock sector. But it also gives everyone a chance to see champion animals up close. The livestock programme comprises of two main components: the ALFA beef cattle programme and the ALFA Smallstock programme. The ALFA beef cattle programme reigns supreme, boasting a multitude of projects and participants. Societies and breeders seize the opportunity to champion their respective breeds, fostering collaboration and participation.

The ALFA Smallstock programme, all under one roof in the NAMPO Hall, grants unparalleled focus to South Africa's vibrant Smallstock industry and embraces all stakeholders.

The Hunting, Outdoor & Fishing programme is scheduled to the brim and include:

  • A Treasure Hunt to explore the realm of participating exhibitors.
  • The Hinterland Shooting Range to embark on practical shooting experiences and captivating demos.
  • 4x4 Demonstrations to engage in exhilarating ride and drive sessions.
  • Motorbike Skills Demonstrations to witness daring motorbike demonstrations and partake in practical riding courses.
  • Offroad Caravan Demonstrations to discover the versatility of offroad caravans.
  • Fishing Activities to participate in a daily Fishing-Tug-of-War Competition, and the Legends Pro Angling Casting Range
  • Angling Expert Sessions that will delve into enriching Q&A sessions hosted by industry legends.
  • Simulators to immerse yourself in a Formula 1 and Fishing experience like no other.
  • Archery to indulge in practical shooting demonstrations.

“It's a hands-on experience. It's in the open air, you can feel a fishing rod and cast it, you can fire shots on the shooting range, we're going to have a course where you can experience how the vehicle drives. All the big brand names are there, the experts you really want to talk to with merchandise you can feel and experience”, Dirk Strydom, Grain SA’s NAMPO, Marketing & Research Coordination Lead said. “We are looking forward to host such an exceptional Expo on NAMPO Park. With added exhibitors, and the fishing industry joining this year, NAMPO ALFA promises to be a Livestock, Hunting, Outdoor and Fishing event like no other in the country”, Strydom concluded.

Tickets will be available from early-September on the Ticketpro-website.

Stay connected with NAMPO ALFA on social media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/NAMPOALFA Twitter: @NAMPO_ALFA and Instagram: @nampo_ALFA



Issued by:
Grain SA Communications

Further enquiries:
Bennie Zaayman, Grain SA NAMPO for expo & exhibition space - 081 414 8099
Albert Loubser, ALFA for livestock programme - 082 562 2188 Lizette Vermaak, ALFA for livestock programme - 082 412 2868