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NAMPO Harvest Day: The new generation agri-partner

25 Apr 2014

Grain SA’s 48th NAMPO Harvest Day is ready to go and counting down to this major event in agriculture that will be presented at NAMPO Park from 13 to 16 May this year.

This well-known trade show offers something for everyone in agriculture and has established itself over the years as market place, source of information, networking opportunity, discussion platform and gathering place for all agricultural stakeholders. On average, more than 70 000 people attend the NAMPO Harvest Day every year, and the organisers will accommodate more than 650 exhibitors again this year.

According to Jannie de Villiers, chief executive officer of Grain SA, suppliers to the agricultural industry, members and staff of Grain SA, foreign visitors, knowledge-hungry emerging farmers and even civil servants prefer not to miss this highlight in the world of agriculture.

Agriculturists are offered an excellent opportunity to simultaneously compare the price, quality and operation of tractors and other agricultural equipment at one location. This creates a platform for exchanging farming tips and taking note of new production techniques and improved farming methods. As a networking environment the Harvest Day is also an outstanding opportunity to build relationships. Some loyal agricultural supporters even attend the event every year for the escape it offers.

De Villiers said that Grain SA regards NAMPO Harvest Day as one of its best opportunities for contributing to the assurance of sustainable food production in South and southern Africa. It helps to equip the next generation of producers to handle the many technical, economic and political challenges. For beginner farmers this it is a golden opportunity to expand their knowledge and socialise with others who share their interests and aspirations.

‘A scheduled meeting between Grain SA and delegates of the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC), which represents the grain industry in eastern Africa, confirms the networking opportunities offered by the Harvest Day,’ said De Villiers.

Foreign interest
‘The growing interest from foreign companies not only confirms that the focus of the world is on Africa, but also on the NAMPO Harvest Day as a portal to the rest of the continent. They view the Harvest Day as a representative location of new technology, information and trade networks,’ said Cobus van Coller, chairperson of Grain SA’s Harvest Day committee.

This year’s delegations include visitors from America, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Israel, India, Canada, Ukraine, Turkey and various African countries.

Expansions and innovations
The current exhibitors always have a need for expansion, and new technology is added every year, which cannot always be accommodated on the existing premises. A project to expand the grounds in the direction of the southern parking area has progressed well, and 25 new exhibiting spaces were established over the past two years, as were a new kiosk and toilets.

The space still available will be developed and allocated in due course. A new parking area with two access gates – a gate to the east and one to the west – was established on the southern side of the grounds, between the old southern gate and the caravan park.

After the success of last year’s discussion forum that took place during the NAMPO Harvest Day, the Donkerhoek hall will be equipped as a studio for the filming of the popular ‘Nation in conversation’ TV programme of Senwes and suppliers. It once again promises to be very popular.

Another innovation is the introduction of a game component at the Harvest Day. Although it is still a modest addition this year, the focus will be on exotic and other game that producers can integrate with their farming operations. As far as livestock is concerned, 54 breeds are exhibited at the stock complex, and programmes for cattle, sheep and horses are also presented.

Grain SA’s members’ hall is moving to the former Club 200. Members can enjoy access to coffee, rusks, refreshments and something cold to drink at the members’ hall from early in the morning until closing time. Paid-up members of the organisation qualify for free parking on all four days. Members will receive their invitations by mail. These will include all the information on the exclusive parking area and electronic access to the parking area as well as the access gate.

Admission tickets can be purchased beforehand from selected Engen service stations and agricultural agencies, as well as Senwes Villages. Admission tickets cost R80 per person for attendance on Tuesday and Friday, and R90 per person for Wednesday and Thursday.

Gates open at 07:00 and close at 17:00. No pets, bicycles, carts or motor cycles will be permitted on the premises. In order to afford exhibitors an opportunity to complete their finishing touches undisturbed, access control will be in force on Monday, 12 May to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the premises.

The day programme, ladies’ programme, 4x4 programme and other useful information is available at www.nampo.co.za, www.grainsa.co.za, or at nampo.mobi.

Photo: The 2014 theme of Grain SA NAMPO Harvest Day, namely: ‘The new generation agri-partner’, is depicted by this icon.

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