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Drought Aid from Abundance

09 Jun 2017

With the devastating drought of especially sheep farmers in the Northern and Western Cape, and more specifically in Namaqualand and Boesmanland, Grain SA launched a drought aid project on 1 June to all its grain producing members. This follows after a group of farmers in the Hoopstad-area have already launched actions to raise maize donations and transport it to farmers in distress.

"It is extremely important to us that all farmers in need are assisted, regardless of race, gender or membership of organised agriculture," said Jannie de Villiers, Chief Executive Officer of Grain SA. "We will try to collect at least 15 000 tons of white- and/or yellow maize, distributed over approximately three to four months. We experienced the drought in its severity last year and now wish to bless others from our abundance”, de Villiers said.

Grain SA, in conjunction with various agribusinesses, allocated assigned delivery numbers to receive donations at the silos. The participating agribusinesses have waivered the maize donations from storage and handling costs. Agri Northern Cape took responsibility to transport and distribute the maize. The agricultural businesses that already form part of this project are Senwes, AFGRI, NWK, GWK, Suidwes, OVK and TWK. In addition, many transport companies have already offered to assist with transporting the maize. The Northern Cape government also appropriated funds to assist with transport costs. In addition, Agri SA has pledged the last funds from the 2016 Drought Relief account towards transport costs. The first 300ton maize have already been delivered and it is particular encouraging if everyone works together!

De Villiers thanked all the stakeholders for their attitude. The problem might be with us for a while still, but where there is a will there is a way. If any other stakeholders wish to join the project, they are welcome to contact Grain SA or Agri Northern Cape.


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Grain SA Communications

Further enquiries:
Jannie de Villiers, CEO, Grain SA
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