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We were there for the NAMPO 2022 experience

August 2022


After two years of enforced silence and no physical NAMPO harvest day, visitors were eager to visit Nampo park this year. Once the Grain SA team was given the green light, they were spreading the invitation for all to come and ‘experience it!’, which was also this year’s theme. About 73 000 visitors attended the event over the five days.

Despite challenges and discouraging moments, the team’s enthusiasm and experienced fingerprints were all over the farm as they pulled off yet another successful NAMPO experience. Visitors were not disappointed and enjoyed sufficient parking and entry, and a super warm welcome. Their immediate impression was of a farm buzzing with contagious energy. Bright colourful stands, busy streets and exhibition halls, loud, friendly calls of greeting – so much to see and do!

It was perfectly obvious that the broader farming community was extremely happy to be gathering to do business and fellowship at one of their favourite meeting places. The public seating areas were occupied by groups of farmers with their families, all catching up and sharing insights about their favourite exhibits.

The Harvest Day had no age restriction, and young and older visitors enjoyed the experience.

Ms Thoko Didiza, the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, and her delegation paid NAMPO Park a visit too. She is always very enthusiastic about the show and loves the way it brings her in closer contact with farmers and the broader agricultural sector.

It is important for the grain farmers of South Africa to see their representatives talking with the leaders of the country. This is after all a key role of Grain SA – the lobby that speaks up on critical matters affecting the sector, on behalf of all grain farmers in South Africa.

At NAMPO there was something to pique every interest – a place to gather and see what is new and happening in the agricultural sector. Even more importantly, it’s a place for doing business and networking with business leads and experts in their fields. There are not many everyday opportunities for farmers to pick the brains of the top experts in the business, but here a person can really seek out the best advice.

Menfolk usually have a discussion at home about which tractor, planter or implement needs to be given a closer inspection and which expert minds they want to talk to about the product on offer. A person has to keep his finger on the pulse of modern technology to stay in the game – and NAMPO is undoubtedly the space to do just that.

Bright colourful stands, busy streets and exhibition halls kept the broader farming community extremely happy at one of their favourite meeting places.

The livestock section is always a big drawcard – despite the strong odours that fill the air! People love walking through the stalls, looking at the different breeds of animals on display. The miniature horses were cute and the demonstration in the ring was a delight!

The National Wool Growers Association’s interactive demonstrations of traditional sheep shearing always draw interested audiences. It is fascinating to inspect different breeds of cattle to find out more about the conditions they thrive in. There is always something interesting to steal a farmer’s heart.

Exhibitors must be congratulated on the high standard of their appealing exhibits. The John Deere team even turned things on their head with a stunning array on display, which included an upside-down tractor!

Case celebrated their 180th anniversary in style at NAMPO Park. New Holland Agriculture drew a lot of attention with a wide range of their tractors and machinery on display. Fathers and sons visited the tractor and implement exhibits, including the beautiful collections of toys available for dreamy-eyed farm boys to spend their pocket money on.

Minister Thoko Didiza enjoyed talking to farmers and networking with the Grain SA team. Here she is with Grain SA chairman, Derek Mathews on a tour of NAMPO Park.

Backsaver Equipment offers back-saving, hand-powered tools that make small-scale farming easier. Michris Janse van Rensburg, owner and designer, demonstrates a feed planter to some farmers.

The farmers who are Grain SA members were treated to many spoils such as free parking, free entry and free access to the Members Facility, where there was a never-ending supply of coffee and treats for the family. The venue was full all day long, with members from all walks of life relaxing and catching up.

There was also an opportunity for farmers to meet the Grain SA team there. Grain SA’s chief executive officer, dr Pieter Taljaard, told farmers how excited he is to represent the grain farmers. The Farmer Development team was kept busy with meetings and networking to spread the news about the progress of farmers and highlighting the challenges that farmers face this season. Grain SA economists were also very popular and farmers were eager to pick their brains about the industry.

The NAMPO Harvest Day is big and busy, and visitors just have to accept that they won’t see everything in one day. It’s a professional show that flies the banner proudly for the progressive agricultural sector and in particular the grain farmers of South Africa. 

Publication: August 2022

Section: Pula/Imvula