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Route Map


Due to construction on some roads, we recommend that you consider the following routes:

Recommended routes during NAMPO Harvest Day

1. N12 Potchefstroom → Klerksdorp → R30 Bothaville / NAMPO Park
2. R727 Kroonstad → Bothaville use the R76 and turn left to Bothaville on R727
3. Parys R59  → Viljoenskroon → Bohtaville turn right at the T juction on R30 Orkney / NAMPO Park
4. Just note, R504 from Wolmaranstad → Bothaville, road is under contruction with stops, but can be driven. 

Roads to avoid:

1. R59 Viljoenskroon → Vierfontein  R76 (under construction)

  • . There is 2 parking areas (North and South of NAMPO Park)
  • . There is 4 entrance gates from the parking areas (2 North and 2 South)
  •   There is no transport from the parking area to the entrance gates


Map of the recommended routes:

Click here to download the Route Map