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Grain SA was established on 10 June 1999 and was formed out of NAMPO (maize), NOPO (soybeans, sunflower and groundnuts), the WPO (wheat, barley and oats) and the SPO (grainsorghum).



To influence the macro- and micro-economic environments to enable sustainable and profitable local grain production and development. ​


Ensure and grow a credible and sustainable voluntary and inclusive grain producers' organisation that drives the mandated strategic actions including meaningful stakeholder partnerships and relationships.  ​

Culture & Values

Creating an enabling and caring environment for passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable individuals to grow and enjoy serving the organisation and influence the broader food value chain. We strive to build trust and relationships through respectful interaction as well as open, honest and efficient communication. We value consistent, authentic and legitimate teamwork that deliver consistent and impactful results. ​

Summary of the Core Strategic Objectives​

  1. Influence economic sustainability​

  2. Grow and support Developing grain producers in becoming commercially sustainable​

  3. Increase the involvement of younger producer members​

  4. Grow broader membership base​

  5. Grow and maintain key value chain relationships​

  6. Efficient and effective communication​