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Study groups

  • The development coordinators make every effort to involve the extension officers of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the study group meetings.

  • Some of the topics that are discussed are:
    Soil acidity; food security; weed control; soil and climate; soil conservation and soil moisture conservation; calibration of sprayers; plant nutrient requirements; pest control; and several more.


Demonstration trials

Trials are a wonderful way of showing farmers the right thing to do. The development co-ordinators in the various regions make contact with the input supply companies and involve them in the trials. Every effort is made to plant and manage the trials in a way that is both progressive and technologically advanced, while at the same time within the reach of the developing farmers.


Farmer's days and partnerships with other role-players

It is crucial that the farmers should be exposed to a local network of support that will be available to them in the longer term. During farmer's days, all role-players and stakeholders in the industry are invited to participate - to give lectures on their areas of expertise and become acquainted with the farmers.


Developing Grain Farmer of the Year Competition

Several categories exist in which developing farmers can participate. These are:

  • Subsistence category - Farmers producing grain on 0 - 3 hectares
  • Smallholder category - Farmers producing grain on 3 - 35 hectares
  • Potential Commercial category - Farmers who farm more than 35 hectares but have not yet reached the 250 ton mark
  • New Era Commercial category - Farmers producing 250 tons or more of grains


Support to advanced and black commercial farmers

Farmers develop at different rates and those who are making good progress need to be serviced on a one-on-one basis on their own farms. We assist them with the development of a tailor made business plan for their farm, as well as detailed support throughout the season.

Training Courses

Training courses are arranged through the study groups managed by the development programme. The details of the coordinators for each region are available here

To date, the following training courses have been developed:

  • Basic Maize Production
  • Introduction courses to Maize Production; Sunflower Production; Sorghum Production; Soybean Production; Wheat Production; and Barley Production
  • Advanced courses in Maize and Sunflower Production and Marketing
  • Introduction to Irrigation of Maize
  • Introduction to the Irrigation of Wheat
  • Workshop Skills Development Course: Workshop Tools
  • Technical Competence Course: Calibration of Planters and Sprayers
  • Basic Engine Repair
  • Maintenance: Tractors and Farm Implements
  • Maintenance on High Application Tractors
  • On-farm Maintenance and Support: Tractors and Implements
  • Maintenance Course on High Application Tractors
  • Mechanisation Management
  • Resource Assessment and Farm Planning
  • Farm Management for Profits
  • Business Ethics and Farm Management
  • Contractors Course
  • Tractor Drivers Course
  • Setting of Implement


For more information, contact one of our regional coordinators below:

  Contact No: E-mail:
Kokstad Regional Manager    
Eric Wiggill 012 943 8280 eric@grainsa.co.za

Mbombela Regional Manager
Jerry Mthombothi 012 943 8289 jerry@grainsa.co.za 

Louwsburg (KZN) Office Regional Assistant
Lanalie Swanepoel 012 943 8288 vryheid@grainsa.co.za  

PGP Operations & Training Manager
Liana Stroebel 012 943 8252 liana@grainsa.co.za 

Lichtenburg Regional Manager
Du Toit v/d Westhuizen 082 877 6749 dutoit@grainsa.co.za  

Dundee Regional Manager
Graeme Engelbrecht 012 943 8287 graeme@grainsa.co.za   

Free State Regional Manager
Johan Kriel 012 943 8283  johank@grainsa.co.za