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The growing number of exhibitors at the NAMPO Harvest Day agricultural Trade Show can be attributed to a number of factors. Foremost is the positive sales reaction experienced at the Show. Another is the unique demonstration programme that allows interactive demonstrations on stands in addition to the static exhibits. All known sectors of the agricultural input suppliers are represented. These range from tractor and implement manufacturers, the chemical industry, fertiliser companies and financial institutions to feed manufacturers, extension services as well as commercial sectors, agricultural cooperatives and utilities such as Eskom – the national electricity supplier.

Several other industries, not related to agriculture, exhibit their products albeit in limited numbers. Because of the diversified nature of summer grain farming, the livestock industry is very well represented. In total 31 breeds of cattle, 10 breeds of sheep as well as 3 breeds of horses and 6 breeds of goats are exhibited.

Over the past few years, several international exhibitors from countries such as Australia, Sweden, the USA, Britain, Italy, Pakistan, Germany and Brazil have also participated in the show.

Exhibitors’ profile

All agricultural input suppliers, including agricultural machinery, irrigation, chemicals, transport, fertiliser and seed, extension services, commercial sectors, utilities, feed manufacturers, financial institutions and livestock breeders.



Product Profile

Tractors, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, irrigation equipment, pumps, generators, research organisations, financial services, banking and futures, transport equipment and materials handling, chemical products, feeding systems products and services, seeds, dairy equipment and products, pig, poultry, cattle and sheep equipment and services, hydroponics, artificial insemination equipment, services and products and IT technology for farming.





Floor Plans / Hall Layouts

Click here to view a list of floor plans.

Exhibitor's Rates for NAMPO 2022


Size of stand - 4m x 4m (16m²)

R27 376 (vat incl)

Included in price - carpets, shell scheme, fascia name and 1 plug point


Size of stand - 10m x 10m (100m²)

R10 597 (vat incl)

Size of stand - 30m x 30m (900m²)

R23 437 (vat incl)



Accredited Service Providers

The following service providers have been accredited by Grain SA for services like tents, furniture, designer stands, equipment etc. to exhibitors during the NAMPO Harvest Day. 

Exhibitors will only be able to use these accredited service providers.

If you want to make use of another company that does not appear on the list, then permission must be obtain from Grain SA to use this service provider.


Contact Person

Office number

Cell number

E-mail address

 GL Events

 Adri Pentz

 011 - 210 2563

 082 929 3335



 Jose Luis


 076 432 8329



 Bianca Pawson

 011 - 433 3260

 082 866 1466


 Distinctive Choice

 Charlene Carmichael


 079 879 6931


 Uppe Marketing

 Kerry Coombs

 011 - 396 1265

 082 553 5579


 Mzanzi Stretch
 Tents/ Mzanzi Event Flooring

 Walter Fuls


 087 898 8541


072 244 3355




 Exhibitions SA


 Andrew Scott


 087 803 1103


 083 708 4545





 Hercules Erasmus

 011 - 396 3044

 082 719 6953


 Blackjack Events

 David de Jong

 011 - 463 1899

 083 415 5023


 Concept G
 Exhibitions & Events

 Gill Gibbs

 083 260 8035

 083 260 8035


 Safari Hire

 Pieter Roode

 056 - 811 4228

 082 411 9523


 Purple Projects

 Annie Smit

 082 789 0593

 082 789 0593


 Apex Stretch Tents

 Lloyd Hardey

 072 508 4524

 072 508 4524


 Akhani Events

 Andre Dos Reis

 082 886 4538

 082 886 4538


 BB Tents

 Iliana Kirilova

 011 - 462 6596

 079 888 9398


 MMila Exhibitions

 Mandla Jezile

 081 366 3810

 081 366 3810


NAMPO Caravan Park

The Harvest Day Committee also reminds exhibitors that the space in the NAMPO Caravan Park is limited and that reservations for the caravan park can now be made. Exhibitors are requested to contact the following numbers for a reservation;

Hanli van Eeden
Tel : 056 – 515 3552 (Ext. 2)
Sel : 076 289 0176
E-pos : kleinbroekfin@wasp-sa.co.za


  • Bothaville Info

Bothaville Info runs a guest house project that offers overnight accommodation. Their contact details are as follows:

Contact person : Hanlie Mouton
Tel: 056 – 515 3042
Cell: 082 396 7556
E-mail: hanlie@bothaville.info


  • Chiefs Tented Camp

Chiefs Tented Camps has over 25 years experience in luxury mobile tented accommodation and will certainly be an asset for exhibitors and visitors to address the accommodation problem during NAMPO.

Exhibitors can click on the link below to book at Chiefs Tented Camps for tented accommodation next to Gate 3 (Northern Gate) for NAMPO 2022.

Plant Hire

Oorloop Nursery
Bernadine Otto - 082 568 1977

Build Up and Break Down

Exhibitor's Entrance Tickets

Exhibitors will receive their tickets via link per email.

Build up

  • All exhibitors in the halls have access to their stands as from Wednesday 4 May 2022 for the build-up of exhibitions.
  • No vehicles will be allowed inside the halls from Saturday 7 May 2022. Please consider carrying out the preparation work over the preceding weekend.
  • Please refrain from using another exhibitor’s stand to offload and/or load your equipment and/or moving across another exhibitor’s stand.
  • All outdoor exhibitors will have access to their stands as from 1 April 2022.
  • Vehicles will only be allowed access to restricted areas of the Harvest Day terrain for purposes of delivering any equipment to such stands with the consent of the Terrain Manager; provided that such access will only be allowed up to 18:00 on the Saturday preceding the week of the Harvest Day. No vehicles will be allowed in restricted areas after this date.
  • Only one delivery vehicle per exhibitor will be allowed on the grounds on Monday 9 May 2022, in order to enable heavy vehicles to move on the grounds. The special pass will be available with the other exhibitors’ tickets.
  • All delivery vehicles and trailers must be removed once offloading is completed. You are requested to make use of the parking areas for all other vehicles.
  • Build-up must be completed by Monday 9 May 2022 at 14:00 and no deliveries will be allowed after 13:00 as the entrance gates will then be closed.

Break down

  • Exhibitors may only begin removing their exhibits on Saturday 18 May 2022 from 07:00.
  • All exhibition material and/or building work in the halls must be removed by the exhibitor within 14 days (not later than 1 June 2022) of the last day of the Harvest Day, subject to the provisions of clause 25(c).


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