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Production Research

The  purpose  of  production  research  is  to  gather  information  on  the  content  of  production related issues.  The methods of production  research could be primary  research; this means researching via books and setting up focus groups to gather  people’s opinions. Through this type research information is gathered to support producers to make informed decisions.  


Cultivar Evaluation Trials

Information  on  cultivars  planted  by  producers  is  of utmost  importance.  Reliable  and  if possible independent information regarding cultivars should be available to every producer. The  Agricultural  Research Council’s  (ARC)  statistical  cultivar  evaluation  trail results  for  the different grain crops can be viewed in this section together with Grain SA who also started its own sorghum strip trials. The objective of the information is to evaluate the potential of cultivars  in  different environmental  conditions,  to  finally  determine  which cultivars  are  the best adapted in a specific production regions.

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Producer Related Research

Grain SA is aware that several different types of trials whether it is cultivar, plant density or row width related research, are planted by producers or farmers' associations. This section includes an initiative to collect all these trial data from producers and integrate it at national level. This is of benefit for grain producers to make informed decisions.

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Photo Gallery

Production Research Gallery

Production Research

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