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Annual Report

Annual Report | An overview of Grain SA’s activities in 2021

Shaped for the season

The 2020/2021 season's favourable yields, grain quality and positive commodity prices were unique – and the industry looks back on it with gratitude. Amid an ongoing pandemic, the looting and rising input costs, the country's grain producers were able to continue to help ensure food stability.

As the voice of food security, Grain SA has once again proved that challenges are faced and that focus be retained within a rapidly changing agricultural environment. We stand strong and are full of courage for the future. This is evidenced by many milestones that the organisation has achieved in the sector and even internally during the reporting period.

The new season, especially in agriculture, is about local and global change, fuelled by climate, consumer demands, international trade relations and politics. Grain SA is well-shaped and strategically positioned to continue to focus on sustainability, profitability, market expansion, research and new technology in the new season.



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