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Annual Report

Annual Report | An overview of Grain SA’s activities in 2022

Opportunity to Regroup and Recalibrate

Since the world as we knew it was pandemically shattered to pieces a few seasons ago – timelessly trapped in an almost incoherent mass – the year this report deals with was again the first normalised agri - cultural season.

Things finally began to take shape again after COVID and the grain industry was ready to meet the needs of a recovering society – transforming from a fragmented state to a new reality.

Amidst good weather conditions and favourable grain price levels, the reporting period posed significant challenges to producers. Excessive input costs, limited stock, logistical challenges and waterlogging damage to plantings threatened to unleash a year of instability.

Thanks to high output prices, the scale has been brought into balance and producers have been given the opportunity to regroup and recalibrate to a full colour in-focus outlook on a new season in agriculture.




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