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Annual Report

Annual Report | An overview of Grain SA’s activities in 2020

A year of contrasts

The design theme for the annual report reflects an unusual 2019/2020 season in which the nuances varied from full colour in certain areas to monochrome elsewhere. It was a year in which the climaxes achieved in the industry were trumped by anti-climaxes. The summer grain season kicked off late because of the climate, but outstanding yields were eventually achieved. However, in the same season problems with poor grain quality in summer and winter crops had a negative effect on producers’ profitability. Similarly, the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic posed to the agricultural sector were dealt with by Grain SA by offering assistance to members and even industry role-players who provided essential services. Despite these extremes, the grain producers of South Africa continued with dedication to help create a new normal for the industry – thus reinforcing the agricultural sector as a pillar of support for the South African economy in the reporting period.


View the 2020 Annual Report in eBook format.