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Annual Report

Annual Report | An overview of Grain SA’s activities in 2023


Grain SA is an autonomous and voluntary industry organisation which acts collectively in the interest of the economic prosperity of the grain producers of South Africa. It is the combined voice of grain producers that addresses industry matters and issues with authorities and other role-players in the industry.

The new corporate identity and slogan “We Are” imply that the members of the organisation, together, are stronger than a single voice.

This united voice resonates with the collective’s authenticity and relevance and speaks to the dynamics of grain and oilseed production in South Africa.

Commodities that are represented include maize, wheat, soybeans, canola, sunflower, sorghum, barley and groundnuts

Grain SA was established on 19 June 1999 with the merging of four former industry organisations, namely NAMPO (maize), NOPO (soybeans, sunflower, and groundnuts), the WPO (grain, barley and oats) and the SPO (grain sorghum).



View the 2023 Annual Report in eBook format.