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Schools Programme

Grain SA Schools Programme

The Schools Programme is a result of a partnership between the Maize Trust, Winter Cereals Trust and the AgriSETA, which all fund the programme in different ways and in the different areas. Several people have been contracted to do the presentations at identified schools in all nine provinces of South Africa. There are also DVD's available that are shown to learners throughout all the provinces of South Africa each term. These DVDs portray messages such as:

Food, Fiber, Life

A DVD shown to Grade 9 learners that focusses on creating awareness among learners of the type of products that are derived from agriculture

Dig in - Introduction to Farming

Shown in the second term and teaches learners about the agricultural production areas in South Africa and what is grown where. It also gives a broad overview of soil, the factors influencing it and soil conservation methods.

Economics: What's in it for me?

This DVD is shown in conjunction with "Dig in" and places emphasis on various economical concepts

Plant yourself in the future

Presented in the third term and has a strong focus on career choices and gives an overview of the types of careers that the agricultural sector has to offer

Careers in Agriculture - Livestock

A slightly more in-depth view on various types of careers that originate within or are associated with agriculture. This DVD is shown in conjunction with "Plant yourself in the future"

A total number of 863 schools were visited in 2014 and 145 274 learners were addressed. During the first two terms of 2015, a total of 576 schools have been visited thus far and 87 180 learners addressed. Learners respond very well to the DVDs.