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Top Performers in every category

July 2015

At PANNAR we consider risk management and sustainable farming to be of cardinal importance. For that reason all our products are subjected to a rigorous evaluation programme before any cultivar is marketed. Aspects such as good yield performance, stability over seasons and area adaptability are given a great deal of attention. The fruits of this programme are proven by the results of the PANNAR crop package in the ARC national trials. We are very proud to have achieved first place in all crop categories.

1. Ultra early hybrids under irrigation:
1. Warm areas; 8 out of top 10 (top three hybrids).
2. Cool/temperate areas; 9 out of top 10 (top nine hybrids).

2. Dryland eastern production region:
1. Yellow hybrids; 4 out of top 10 (top two hybrids).
2. White hybrids; 5 out of top 10 (top hybrid).

3. Dryland western production region:
1. Yellow hybrids; 5 out of top 10 (first place).
2. White hybrids; 4 out of top 10 (top two hybrids).

4. Sunflower:
6 out of top 10 (top four hybrids).

5. Soybeans:
First place for four years.

6. Dry beans:
1. Red speckled beans; 5 out of top 10 (first place).
2. Small white canning beans; top performer.

PANNAR has been working in Africa for 56 years, helping farmers significantly increase agricultural productivity and food production through improved crop yields. Our commitment to farmers in South Africa and into the continent goes beyond selling seed. We have always sought a personal relationship with our customer and believe that Together We Farm for the Future.

Article submitted by Reggie Mchunu, Pannar Agronomist.
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Publication: July 2015

Section: Pula/Imvula