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The logical choice to sustain success

May 2018

PANNAR SEED as a multi-crop specialist, offers cultivars with good performance, adaptability and stability, and a crop cultivar package for every farmer's unique need. 

PANNAR has been putting farmers first for 60 years. Our decisions are made with the farmers’ best interests in mind to ensure that they receive top-performing seed products and personalised service. After all, at PANNAR we are very aware that our success depends on farmer’s success.

The PANNAR sunflower hybrid package maintains an outstanding performance record in the ARC national trials. For the past three years PANNAR has delivered six out of the top ten sunflower hybrids. The South African farmer can plant PANNAR’s sunflower range with peace of mind, knowing that these hybrids incorporate the best technology on the market.

The conventional sunflower package performs exceptionally well, is stable and well adapted to all the production regions. In addition to these hybrids, PANNAR also markets high-yielding hybrids with the CLEARFIELD® PLUS trait. PANNAR’s range of hybrids with the CLEARFIELD® PLUS trait competes head to head with the conventional hybrids, setting a totally new precedent for crop rotation. The EURO-LIGHTNING® herbicide (L8436, with active ingredients Imazapyr and Imazamox) provides effective post-emergence control of a variety of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

The inherent herbicide resistance is a natural mutation; the hybrids are not genetically modified and all sunflower hybrids are GMO-free.

A hybrid package is recommended as a strategy to better manage disease and drought stress. It is also recommended that farmers stagger the planting date for better risk management.

Article submitted by Peet van der Walt, Advertising Manager, PANNAR SEED (PTY) LTD, South Africa. For more information, send an email to peet.vanderwalt@pannar.co.za.

Publication: May 2018

Section: Pula/Imvula