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The challenges of our smallholder farmers

October 2020

Everlyn Musyoka, Smallholder Strategy Lead in Africa, Bayer. Send an email to everlyn.musyoka@bayer.com  

Smallholder farmers tend to farm in areas that have vast potential, yet, the challenges facing these farmers are countless. To turn passion into productivity requires effective solutions, tailored to meet the needs of these producers.

One of the biggest challenges that smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa face, is the fact that they are expected to produce more with the limited resources available to them.

‘Part of the challenges that smallholder farmers are facing today is low productivity. This is mainly driven by the fact that they lack access to quality inputs’, says Everlyn Musyoka. In this regard, the affordability of cutting-edge technology together with the lack of knowledge on how to improve productivity and maximise the small production areas in which they are located, poses major threats to the sustainability of these farming practices. 

Over the years, the breach between smallholder and commercial farmers have grown and so has the need to bridge this gap and improve the efficiency and productivity of smallholder farmers. According to Everlyn, this has allowed the opportunity for the private sector, the government and development partners, to assist smallholder farmers in the process of scaling-up. This involves the improvement of access to better technologies and linking them with the correct financial institutions in order to gain access to credit facilities to afford these inputs. 

Accessibility to quality inputs such as technology, will not only increase productivity, but will have a notable effect on the sustainability of smallholder farming practices. For this reason, Bayer is deploying resources to ensure that we interact with smallholder farmers to help them gain access to our latest innovations and technologies. Bayer is also taking hands with development partners and government to ensure that the relevant production knowledge is passed on.

Bayer is committed to continuously develop products and technology to support the important work of our smallholder farmers and to provide solutions for the challenges they are facing. Together with the unrivalled support from our dedicated sales teams, you can rest assured of an abundant harvest.

Contact your nearest Bayer sales representative and receive the support you need. 

Publication: October 2020

Section: Pula/Imvula