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SA Graan/Grain Article Series

SA Graan/Grain regularly publishes exciting and very popular article series written by experts in their fields. To make it easier for our readers to have access to these valuable series they are published here for their convenience:

Title Integrated crop and pasture-based livestock production systems
Writers Dr Hendrik Smith, Grain SA
Dr Wayne Truter , University of Pretoria
Prof Chris Dannhauser, Grass SA
Mr Gerrie Trytsman, LNR-Animal Production
Summary Conservation Agriculture from a livestock producer’s perspective. In this series Dr Hendrik Smith et al. discuss a livestock farmer’s options with regards to integrated crop and pasture-based livestock production systems.
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Title Control of weeds in maize and wheat
Writers Elbé Hugo, formerly from ARC-Grain crops
Hestia Nienaber, ARC-Small Grain
Summary Description and control of the most important weeds in maize and wheat. Twelve weeds in total and the chemicals necessary to control them, are discussed.
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Title Soil: The producer’s most important asset
Writers Martiens du Plessis, soil scientist, NWK Limited
Prof Cornie van Huyssteen, lecturer: Soil Science, University of the Free State
Summary Soil is the most fundamental resource for the farmer, without which food and natural fibre cannot be produced. Furthermore, it is often also the most expensive single capital asset of the producer.
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