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Plant your DEKALB® success

September 2020

Arthur Schröder, Corn Go-To-Market
Strategy Lead: Africa. Send an email
to arthur.schroder@bayer.com

Bayer is committed to the continuous development of a wide range of integrated solutions to support the work that non-commercial farmers are doing. We know your farm is your pride, which is why we strive towards adding value through innovation to ensure a successful harvest.

This planting season, we bring you superior maize genetics and unrivalled support from our sales team to ensure a harvest that you can be proud of. Our DEKALB® cultivar range offers excellent agronomic characteristics and crop protection solutions that will open a world of possibilities for your farm.

In this range, we are proud to offer DKC73-74BR GEN, DKC72-76BR and DKC73-72.

DKC73-74BR GEN and DKC73-72 are both stable yielding cultivars suitable for eastern production areas. These cultivars have good foliar health and are suitable candidates for silage production. With excellent seedling vigour and standability these cultivars are leaders for smallholder farmers.

Another cultivar in the yellow cultivar range that has proven excellent performance is DKC72-76BR. This cultivar is known for its excellent yield stability as a result of its prolificacy. DKC72-76BR performs exceptionally well in both western and eastern production areas, dries down quickly and has a good disease tolerance.

We are proud to offer DKC76-77BR, DKC78-45BR GEN, DKC75-65BR, DKC76-71 and DKC2147.

In our stack gene range, we offer DKC76-77BR and DKC75-65BR which both offer built-in technology for protection against insects as well as tolerance to Roundup® which makes weed control easy. Both these cultivars show excellent yield performance and good all-round disease tolerance, with DKC76-77BR being the best white DEKALB hybrid for tolerance against charcoal rot. DKC75-65BR is suited for western production areas while DKC76-77BR is widely adapted for both eastern and western production areas.

Other white cultivars that perform exceptional in both eastern and western production areas are DKC78-45BR GEN and DKC76-71. Both cultivars show excellent yield performance and prolificacy, with the added benefit of good grain quality. DKC76-71 has excellent all-round disease tolerance and is one of the DEKALB’s leading cultivars when it comes to tolerance against charcoal rot.

One of the most well-known cultivars planted by our smallholder farmers is DKC2147. This cultivar, that is recommended for eastern production areas, shows stable performance under variable conditions. With very good standability and excellent grain and milling quality it is no secret why this cultivar ranks top of its class.

Please contact your closest DEKALB representative for more information on our extensive range of cultivars and make DEKALB your choice this planting season.

Publication: September 2020

Section: Pula/Imvula