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July 2018

‘There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you've been in the business’. – Oscar De La Hoya. This quotation is so very true as we have seen during the trips to evaluate the three levels of the Farmer of the Year Competition.

Two years ago, we believed that the farmers were so good that they could not improve – we were wrong and the farmers are better still! Striving to improve is one of the great things about being human – each day we can start again and plan to be better/work better/be a better worker/be a better parent/AND BE A BETTER FARMER.

Modern technology is also helping us to become better farmers. The type of seed that we can buy is so good that if we use it wisely we can get yields that we never believed were possible. Think about the weed control – a few years ago, many of our farmers were doing manual weeding; standing in the field in the sun and digging out weeds. Now we spray before and after we plant, and again during the growing season – and there are no weeds. What a huge improvement – both in terms of the crop and to our lives. No more backbreaking work in the sun!

Many of your will have been to NAMPO – the biggest agricultural show in Africa. We love NAMPO every year because we are able to see all things new. There is always new equipment, new chemicals, new technology and new ideas. Although we are not able to all be at the same level, as long as we are improving then we are doing very well. We should strive to move ahead – even just a little each year.

As farmers we are optimistic and we have a way of looking forward to planting the next crop. We also believe that the next crop is going to be a good one. We would not like to leave that to chance – if you keep your weeds under control, buy good seed and fertiliser, plant at the correct time and continue to control the weeds – you will have an excellent chance to have the good crop you dream about.

It is time to plan for the coming season – if you are part of the Jobs Fund, please make sure that you deposit your money in time so that we can get the inputs to you early. We always hope for early rains and when it does rain then you will want to plant at once!

Good luck for your harvesting – we believe that you will be richly rewarded for your efforts in the previous season. Pat yourself on the back and thank yourself for the contribution you are making to feeding our fellow South Africans. If you were not producing food, our brothers and sisters would not have food. Be Blessed!

Publication: July 2018

Section: Pula/Imvula