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Nkgono Jane says...

December 2016

It is this beautiful time of year when most people are able to rest a little and spend time with their families. Farmers on the other hand are looking after their crops and keeping the weeds at bay. Don’t tire because you will reap the rewards of your efforts in the coming months.

The Americans have a huge maize crop in their fields and this will affect the local price of maize. We need to understand that the high prices experienced this year are unlikely in the coming year. We
should start thinking about where we plan to sell our crop so as to be assured of making a profit.

For those of you who grow a lot of food for yourself– remember that there is time still to plant beans. Dry beans are a wonderful source of protein in our diets – the beans are easy to store and can be kept for the whole year.

While thinking about the Christmas period, the quotation below caught my attention and I thought how great it would be if we could give as the quotation suggests.

May the spirit of Christmas live in your heart for the whole year.

Publication: December 2016

Section: Pula/Imvula