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Nkgono Jane says...

February 2016


At the time of writing this article (late November), we are all wondering whether or not we will be able to plant the maize crop as the weather predictions are bad for summer rains. By now we will know whether their predictions were correct or not? I really hope that we did get rain and that you have a good crop on the land.

As a nation, we seem to expect to receive from the government. We have recently seen the students ‘demanding’ that ‘fees must fall’ and then free education, followed by various other groups demanding huge salary increases etc. As a nation we need to build an understanding of where the money comes from – we cannot simply demand more from government unless many of us are making a meaningful contribution to the economy. Is it not time for each one of us to ask ourselves – ‘what contribution am I making to build and transform South Africa?’

We have not all been exposed to the same opportunities for learning, many people do not have jobs and people are losing hope, but each one of us has something to contribute.

Let us ask ourselves the question – ‘What can I do today to improve our country?’ This question could be asked by:

  • The politician, who is accountable to the nation;
  • A school child who can commit to studying harder;
  • A student who attends all lectures and puts in extra hours into his/her studies;
  • A teacher that commits to preparing for lessons and helping students who are struggling after hours;
  • A nurse who offers extra care and compassion for the sick;
  • A policeman who refuses a bribe and arrests a criminal;
  • An unemployed person who does voluntary work so as to gain experience; and
  • The businessman who has to pay his taxes.

As farmers we carry the burden of providing the nation with food. Each and every one of use has a responsibility to work hard and use the land that is available. If we all play our
part, we will be able to attain the country that our beloved President Mandela dreamed of.

Be blessed!

Publication: February 2016

Section: Pula/Imvula