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13 May 2020

Grain SA received enquiries about members that would like to donate maize and other crops to people in need. The following options are available for your consideration after liaison with various agricultural businesses.

Grain SA drought assistance:
Grain SA will continue with the drought project applicable that will go towards animal feed in drought stricken areas. For donations toward food for animals please make use of any of the Grain SA delivery numbers at any of the agricultural businesses listed below (same as 2019):

Alternatively, other options to donate towards with the various agricultural businesses. This will go towards food for people in need. All the various agricultural businesses already have projects in place which you may support if you prefer to.

Unigrain (GrainCare):
Unigrain will make use of their non-profit organisation known as GrainCare who is performing this important task on a daily basis. They will process the crops into a product that will be distributed to people in need. See included a summary from them explaining the whole process. Grain SA have negotiated that all members who donate crops to them will receive an article 18a certificate to use for tax relief. The amount will be based on the market value of the specific crop and quantity delivered.

Members preferring to deliver to OVK will support the OVK Bystandsfonds and deliver on their OVK number. All donations to OVK irrespective of the crop, if it is money or livestock will be transferred into white maize. This will be processed at Tweespruit milling into maizemeal and then distributed in the OVK area to feeding schemes, old age homes and orphanages.
OVK Bystandsfonds Delivery number: 859746

VKB has a project in place known as VKB/Agbiz Agri Value Chain Relief Project. Donated crops will be processed into products and distributed with the help of the Solidarity fund.
Delivery number: N3089565

NWK also has a project in place for members that would like to donate crops. Delivery will take place on the NWK delivery number. NWK will ensure that the crops are processed into a product and are busy negotiating to distribute the final product to people in need.
Delivery number: X980422WND

GWK participates in the Agbiz/Grain SA Agri Value Chain Relief Project. Producers can either make a donation to assist farmers in drought-stricken areas or for people in need.

To assist farmer relief, use delivery number 7254900
To assist in general public relief, use delivery number: 7255000

Grain SA is still in discussion with Suidwes Landbou, Senwes and TWK to confirm if they have any projects in place. We will keep you informed.