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February 2018

Grain SA is a commodity organisation which monitors the sector and acts in the best interests of the grain producers of South Africa. This means the organisation acts as a watchdog, monitors input costs and input quality.

The team also negotiate and lobby on behalf of ALL grain farmers in South Africa. The organisation strives to represent one common voice on behalf of all farmers when addressing issues with government and other role-players.

Anyone who produces grain may become a member of the producer organisation Grain SA. Membership fees are paid annually for the period from 1 March to end of February. There are TWO completely different levels of membership.

1. Commercial members
Full membership is available to a grain producer who produces at least 100 tons grain per annum for marketing; and pays the stipulated membership fee and the prescribed commodity levy to Grain SA on every ton of grain he/she produces. A minimum of R1 000 plus VAT is prescribed for full membership. The producer is also required to endorse the objectives of Grain SA. 

Producer members are required to sign a form authorising an affiliated collecting agent where his/her grain is delivered, to deduct the levy where the produce is delivered. The current levy per ton for grain is shown in Table 1.

2. Study group members

The organisation welcomes developing farmers and offers an entry level study group membership at a fee of R40,00 per annum. Members of study groups produce grain on a small scale and produce less than 100 tons of grain. The members of Grain SA’s Farmer Development programme are supported in many different ways which have been specifically identified to accelerate growth and development of the individual farmer so that he or she can be fast tracked onto a sustainable path using modern farming methods and technologies. 

Every study group member will be linked to one of the active study groups which will have a dedicated team member available to train, mentor and advise on best practices for grain production in each region.  

Article submitted by Jenny Mathews, Pula Imvula contributor. For more information, send an email to jenjonmat@gmail.com.

Publication: February 2018

Section: Pula/Imvula