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Grain SA farmer of the year – rewarding hard work and perseverance

September 2019

Liana Stroebel, Grain SA Provincial Co-ordinator, Western Cape. Send an email to liana@grainsa.co.za

The yearly Grain SA farmer of the year competition is a highlight for all farmers and staff of Grain SA. It is an opportunity for all farmers that are active members of the farmer development programme, whether big or small, to showcase their hard work and determination.

These competition nominees represent the thousands of grain farmers in this programme who work hard every single day to provide for their families, farmers who are slowly building their businesses as well as those working towards building a sustainable commercial farming business.

As it is impossible to enter every deserving farmer, as there are so many, therefore these selected individuals act as examples of what can be achieved. 

This competition entails that a handful of Subsistence, Smallholder, Potential New Era and New Era Commercial candidates from each province are nominated according to very strict criteria, after which each individual farmer is visited by a judging panel who intensively interviews the farmer on his/her production practices, financial management, record keeping, general progress, quality of their crops and much more. We can assure you that this not an easy competition by any means.

We are herewith very privileged to introduce you to the 2019 Farmer of the Year nominees:

Publication: September 2019

Section: Pula/Imvula