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A WORD FROM…Du Toit van der Westhuizen

March 2020

Can one believe that the first quarter of this year is almost gone? It feels as if we just finished planting last week and the summer crop is already busy maturing. This past planting season was a real stormy season as we received good rain in most of the provinces, not only stormy climate but also difficult working conditions. 

Isn’t it scary to experience that some areas had drought while some areas were flooded? So much so that some farmers could not plant because of drought or late rain and others could not plant because of floods. For those who really tried their best to plant and those who worked very long hours … well done!

Please farmers, don’t think that if you have finished applying topdressing and spraying the lands for weeds that you are done and that you can relax. My advice to farmers is to get your footprint in your fields on a daily basis. Remember, with all the good rain that most of us had the lands look like a paradise, but do not forget that every paradise has its own snake. 

Take time, walk through your crops, and inspect for diseases and pests. As you walk through your lands try to identify patches in the lands where some areas differ from one to the next and by doing that you will see which parts of your field has problems. After you have harvested you can take soil samples on those patches and add whatever is needed there. It is nice to receive a lot of rain but unfortunately with all the rain the pests will also come in. Place your herbicide and pesticide representatives’ number on speed dial and please don’t hesitate to call these experts. Remember, you can do everything perfectly with the best fertiliser, the best seed and the best tractors but if you don’t spray your crop on time and if you don’t control late weeds and pests everything will be down the drain. 

The best fertiliser you can give your crop at this stage is to be present in your fields. Enjoy the beauty of your hard work and your yield will be enormous! Get your footprint in your lands.


Ntate Thabo 

Publication: March 2020

Section: Pula/Imvula