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Grain SA App Benefits

12 Sep 2017


The app gives producers the opportunity to generate market information for themselves, but also to apply benchmarking. Currently, the app provides the opportunity to insert the following information and to benchmark at national level as well as local level:

• Plant intensities

• Plant progress

• Harvest condition

• Harvesting

• Rain figures

• Input costs

• SAFEX Prizes

It gives the producer the opportunity to make good marketing decisions, but also to ensure that the correct price is paid for input. In addition, additional reports are also used from time to time. These include questionnaires about where commando worms occurred, or producers get funding and how much of the producers still have debt transfer and how to compare seed costs for the coming season.

The most important part of the application is that it can only work effectively if producers complete the information and use it continuously. Producers are welcome to contact the marketing team if there is a need to demonstrate the application to study groups or at farmers association meetings.

How do you download the application (please see pictures as well):

1. Visit app.grainsa.co.za on your internet page

2. Register by using your Grain SA member number (GSA ####)

3. Bookmark the link and place on your phone or tablet’s main page

4. Very important the application has been developed so that it can be used on any phone or computer that has internet access. This allows admin staff to also have access to the application and capture information on behalf of producers.

For instructions on how to download the app click here: