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Sunflower seeds start trading on Safex

NOPO appoints first emergent sunflower producer

and emergent groundnut producer

Unity in the grain industry is realised when NAMPO,

NOPO, WPO and SPO dissolve to establish the

Grain Producers’ Organisation (GPO)


Maize Trust decides to focus more on

conservation agriculture

GPO accepts Grain SA as new identity

First Grain SA Grain Producer of the Year selected


Grain SA introduces voluntary levy on delivery

of grain for the funding of the organisation

First Grain SA Developing Grain Producer

of the Year appointed


Big surplus of maize and Grain SA recommends that

production of maize be scaled down

Grain SA audit committee established


40th NAMPO Harvest Day presented


Mass meetings at Centurion and Bellville to find

solutions for the crisis in the grain industry

Grain SA works closely with CSIR, ARC and the

fuel industry on proposals for the government

with regard to renewable energy


Global food crisis breaks out and awareness about

food security arises.

El Niño – described as one of the six worst

in the past century

Competition Commission exposes a bread cartel after

collusion in the baking and wheat-milling industry


Mr Jacob Zuma, President of the ANC, addresses

the Grain SA Congress

Grain SA’s first Day of Celebration held to celebrate

the successes of emergent agriculture – 32 developing

farmers receive membership of the 250 Ton Club


Grain SA presents a Grain Indaba to transfer

the dilemma in which the grain producers find

themselves to various role players

Enquiry into the location of the head office of Grain SA

indicates that Bothaville is the most appropriate place


Safex becomes part of the JSE

Grain SA takes part in the Minister of Agriculture’s

agriculture plan that was requested by Pres Thabo Mbeki


Marketing councils dissolved

Wheat prices fall to global price levels

During the NOPO Congress the request was made

that producers be compensated according to the

oil content of sunflower seeds

NOPO’s Developing Agriculture Programme established

The arms manufacturer Denel announces that they are

going to build a plant for the manufacturing of soy milk

Genetically Modified Organisms Act comes into effect

NLRB and SAGL established and SAGIS registered

NAMPO and NOPO start talks about cooperation

SARS cancels diesel rebate for agriculture


Department of Trade and Industry initiates extended

processes with a view to developing soy-processing

plants and improvements to existing plants

The Competition Commission finds uncompetitive

business practices in the fertiliser industry and the

baking industry – Sasol and Pioneer Foods fined